Rinnon Products - Powder Coating

Rinnon Products operates a paint shop specialising in Powder Coating.

The quality of our powder coating is extremely high, and for many years Rinnon has been renowned for its quality powder coating.

We pre-treat metal including cleaning, degreasing and masking, and powder coat in an environmentally safe atmosphere within our factory complex.

Three ovens and 4 booths, including one which is one of the largest oven in the South Island, with the ability to rack out volume products ensures smooth efficient workflows and continuous product quality. A batch process produces high quality finishes in a full range of colours to specific micron thicknesses and evenness. Low toxicity and food grade finishes are also available.

Lengths up to 6 metres can be coated. Specialists colour matches, corporate colours, metallic and textured finishes add impact and quality to manufactured goods. For most jobs the paint shop offers a same day service (for jobs received prior to 10am).

Specialists in powder coating mag wheels