Rinnon Products - About Us

Rinnon Products was established in 1947 as electrical contractors for both domestic and industrial type work. Because of import controls we were unable to buy some electrical goods and this prompted the manufacturing side of the company to develop firstly into tubular type heaters and then into convection and radiant style models. Today due to the relaxation of import restrictions it has allowed imported heaters to flood the market for very low cost..

After commencing manufacture of the heaters, we were then successful in getting a contract through a large electrical warehouse to manufacture industrial type fuse switches up to 800 ampere under licence to an English company. We started off at 15% NZ manufacture and 85% imported part and turned it around over a period of 5 years to 92% NZ manufacture and 8% imported part. The company was also getting involved in the design and manufacture of vertical type clothes dryers then moved along and were involved in the production and manufacture of the Bonair chest freezers until it was taken over by Fisher & Paykel.

Rinnon was the first company south of Christchurch to establish a powdercoating plant (which is a form of painting). We have expanded the plant over the years to become the largest unit in Dunedin. Until Methvens moved away from Dunedin we powdercoated all their product. We still continue to serve local businesses with sheetmetal and powdercoating work.

We were also the forerunners in the manufacture of the Yunca multi fuel burner panels until they became large enough to take this over by themselves.

We have in the past manufactured steel door and window frames for Christchurch and Dunedin hospitals.

In recent years we have also been involved in working for University of Otago, Invermay Research, Information Technology Building, Information Services Building, stainless steel and powdercoated door frames for all the milk powder plants in NZ and coffee machine cabinets for two companies in Dunedin and Christchurch.

We can custom make anything from balustrades for your deck, stairs or walk way, to a lectern for your next lecture! Rinnon Products is a specialist in production too.

We can be found at 518 Kaikorai Valley Road, Dunedin. Our landline number is 03 4884 231, fax is 03 4883 716.